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Entrepreneurs, founders, and risk-takers are constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the mold to drive change in the world. Grzesiak Global Growth partners with these trailblazers to establish and defend their place in the digital age.

Since our launch, we've quickly become the go-to consultancy when the stakes are high. Clients come to us when they're facing a turning point in their business, when change, complexity, or uncertainty is on the horizon, and they need trusted advisors with the expertise to guide them through the obstacles and seize the opportunities ahead.

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Grzesiak Global Growth is a top-notch strategic media consultancy that works with forward-thinking leaders and innovators driving disruption in their industries.

With my expertise in project management and communication, I can ensure that your events are executed smoothly and efficiently, leading to increased brand awareness.

My media management service can help maximize your online presence by optimizing your social media profiles and creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience.



Expand your readership and reach a global audience with my publishing network service, available in North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

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Grzesiak Global Growth delivers a premier recruitment service, strategically identifying and placing top-tier talent to meet the unique needs and objectives of client companies.

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“Greg is an invaluable resource to the PreSend brand and company. I personally offered him an equity position in the business due to the value he bestowed upon our company since the inception of his work. He is a warrior on the proverbial "battlefield of business" and he proves his worth 1,000 times over. Every. Single. Day. PreSend would simply not be where it is today without Greg, as well as his network and skill set, and I am proud to say that he is an integral part of our team and company.”

Drew Wolfer

PreSend CEO

"Greg is extremely gifted in communication, follow up and follow through. He is well demeanored, personable, likeable and professional. With a deep network of connections and contacts in the Bitcoin, Web3 and Blockchain industry Greg's gift of connecting helps to make many profitable partnerships throughout the industry."


HitNetwork CEO

I have worked professionally in the PR/PUBLICATION/MEDIA MARKETING industry for 10 number years and I have learned that trust and reliability are the most important qualities to becoming successful in PR. These qualities are core to who He is and with that he has helped us grow in our relationship with Dozens of new companies and brands that are looking to grow in their respective industries.

Jordan French

CEO of Grit Daily


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